Dr. Reda Abdel-Fattah and Dr. Mervat M. Alattar Adopted Digital Radiography to Improve Dental Care in Boca Raton, FL

Dental technology has improved greatly over the years, improving every step of dental care, from diagnosis to treatment. One development that has made a great impact on the dental industry is digital radiology, which provides a safer and more convenient way to X-ray patients’ teeth. Many dentists have chosen to adopt this technology for its multitude of benefits, and in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Reda Abdel-Fattah and Dr. Mervat M. Alltar have as well.
Digital X-rays are taken in a similar manner to traditional dental X-rays. However, the X-ray images are captured by a digital sensor, rather than by film, placed in the patient’s mouth. This sensor is connected to an imaging program on a computer that projects the image, allowing Dr. Abdel-Fattah or Dr. Alattar to view the structures of their patients’ teeth more closely and with better accuracy than traditional dental X-rays. Better images mean there is a greater chance that the dentist will spot problems sooner and fix them before they can become more serious or painful.
In addition to clearer images, digital X-rays are also superior to traditional X-rays because they produce up to 80 percent less radiation. Because the digital sensor is much more sensitive to radiation than film, less is needed to form an accurate image. While traditional X-rays are considered safe by professionals, those who receive X-rays frequently or who are concerned about radiation can feel more comfortable with digital radiography.
By utilizing digital radiography, Dr. Reda Abdel-Fattah and Dr. Mervat M. Alattar can be sure that their patients are receiving the best dental care available in Boca Raton, FL. To schedule an appointment, call 561-391-5331. For more information about the dentists and their services, please visit www.dentaltmjpain.com.

Dr. Reda A. Abdel-Fattah and Dr. Mervat M. Alattar

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