Treating Jaw-related Headaches

Treating Jaw-related Headaches

February 18, 2021

Jaw and jaw joint problems may contribute to certain types of headaches called Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)-related headaches. These headaches are caused by tension, inflammation, fatigue, injury, or spasm of the mastication (chewing) muscles or jaw joint disturbances.

What Causes TMJ Headaches?

Several reasons can cause TMJ headaches. One of the main reasons is the jaw muscles’ constant activities during talking, chewing, or swallowing, creating tension in the face, head, jaw, and neck. The TMJ-related headaches are often unrecognized, and many patients undergo numerous ineffective treatments, getting inadequate relief from the pain.

Repeatedly, patients attribute their headaches to migraines, neck, ear, or sinus problems but are surprised to find out the TMJ-relation to their headaches when being examined by our Dentist at Dental TMJ Sleep Apnea. The cause of lack of TMJ-related headache early identification is usually because the main symptoms of TMJ headaches are like other types of headaches, and people do not naturally associate dental problems with headaches and facial pain.

TMJ Symptoms

TMJ headaches are described mostly as dull, aching, or stabbing pain felt in the area around and inside the ear, side of the face, or jaw. Commonly, the pain radiates to the scalp, behind or above the eyes, temples, neck, and at the back of the head.

The pain is aggravated by carrying out daily living activities such as excessive talking, yawning, or chewing. Other symptoms that may happen include jaw clicking or popping and having difficulty opening the mouth. Furthermore, it is possible to have sinus-like pain, light head feeling and hearing problems, or ringing in the ears.

Getting Treatment

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may need to immediately consult a headache specialist to properly diagnose and treat headaches. Additionally, it would be beneficial to consult with our Dentist at Dental TMJ Sleep Apnea to investigate the possibility of having TMJ-related headaches.

At the Dental TMJ Sleep Apnea, our dentist is experienced in diagnosing and managing these types of headaches using our advanced technology. When needed, we work with other health professionals to achieve a better outcome. For evaluation and management, please call Dental TMJ Sleep Apnea at (561) 391- 5331.