Periodontics Treatment


Progression of periodontal diseases from normal (left) when there is no pocket formation to ultimately severe (right) where there is a deeper pocket.

Periodontics is the dentistry branch that deals with diseases of the gums and bones around a tooth root. These diseases vary from simple gingival inflammation, infection, bleeding, ulcers, or swelling to severe infection and bone loss around the tooth root. Our dentist performs periodontal treatment regularly. Periodontal treatment options vary according to the presented condition; cleaning and removing plaque and tartar is an essential part of treatment. Periodontal prophylactic treatment (deep cleaning) is required when there is a bone loss around the tooth, forming periodontal pockets that accumulate plaque and bacteria, causing bad mouth taste and offensive odor, and ultimately periodontal infections. Cleaning the teeth slows down the infection and inflammation. Some patients may benefit from surgical periodontics that involves eliminating the periodontal pockets and reshaping the surrounding bone to reduce the chance of plaque accumulation and decrease tooth loss; when a tooth is not salvageable, tooth extraction and a dental implant’s insertion with subsequent restoration with a dental crown to restore the oral functions. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call Dental TMJ Sleep Apnea in Boca Raton, FL, at (561) 391-5331.